• External Visual Attention Technique:  A revolutionary technique to achieve happiness. Overcome sadness and worries instantly.

  • Learning and the Pursuit of Knowledge: This website also aims to promote the virtues of classical education that is based on reading books, acquiring knowledge and an emphasis on values of character. A child’s brain is one of the most malleable organs in a human body. High regard for education and knowledge in childhood can have a profound effect on one’s personality. It creates a personality that values substance over style, righteousness over likeability, thoughtfulness over senseless action. It is this personality that has built the human civilisation through the ages. It is no wonder that people in world’s most developed and peaceful regions (eg. scandinavia and east asia) are often stereotyped as bookish and reserved. It is no wonder that the world’s most successful people are often very private and thoughtful individuals (It is quiet rare to find a socially exuberant personality among the Forbe’s list of wealthiest people). However, the regard for classical education and intellectual pursuasions have been gradually eroding from western societies since the start of 20th century. This has been partly due to myths and misinformation spread by pop psychologists and salesmen-turned-selfhelp gurus who have been promoting pseudoscientific ideas such as emotional intelligence, social intelligence, kinesthetic intelligence and other silly varieties of intelligence.